What Bird Is This?

Birds Australia (Western Australia) is sometimes sent photographs of birds to be identified.  Sometimes this is easy, and sometimes it is not quite so easy.  In the latter case, the photograph is passed around, or if the photograph has been sent by email, then it is forwarded on to a select few people for their opinions.

I have decided in future to put these photographs on this web page for everyone with internet access to look at.  This will hasten the identification for some birds, and it will also give people with internet access the chance to test their identification skills, to contribute their opinions and to learn from others.  It will also encourage people to visit the other sections of this web site.

So if you have a photograph of a bird seen in Western Australia that you would like to be identified, then send it to the office, or if possible send it by email (JPG format is preferred) to sightings@iinet.net.au and I will put it on the web site as soon as possible, and email people who are interested.  You can then check periodically for new photographs, or if you let me know then I will include you on the email list and notify you when there is a new photograph.

 Little Curlew

Franklin's Gull

Unknown Wader


8 July 2008 Wandering Albatross Albany pelagic Frank O'Connor et al.
7 January 2004 Unknown Wader Wetland south of Cue Frank O'Connor
6 January 2004 Franklin's Gull Carnarvon sewage ponds Les George
5 November 2003 House Swift West Island (Ashmore Reef) Alastair Smith
4 November 2003 Peregrine Falcon West Island (Ashmore Reef) Alastair Smith
3 October 2003 Little Curlew Bootine Road NR (Gingin) Frank O'Connor
2 September 2003 beachwashed Southern Fulmar Eyre Bird Observatory (Dundas) Bea Myers & Ian Tarbin
1 July 2003 leucistic male Scarlet Robin Mandalay Beach (Walpole) Angus & Barbara King


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